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Finding Vision

Did you know there are 224 Bible verses regarding vision from both the Old and New Testaments? It would seem like vision is a big deal too our God. Is it for you?

Before we dive into vision and the importance of it for you personally, let's see how good old defines vision.

(supernatural) vision; sight (from God)


  1. the act or power of sensing with the eyes; sight.

  2. the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be: prophetic vision; the vision of an entrepreneur.

  3. an experience in which a personage, thing, or event appears vividly or credibly to the mind, although not actually present, often under the influence of a divine or other agency: a heavenly messenger appearing in a vision.Compare hallucination (def. 1).

  4. something seen or otherwise perceived during such an experience: The vision revealed its message.

  5. a vivid, imaginative conception or anticipation: visions of wealth and glory.

  6. something seen; an object of sight.

  7. a scene, person, etc., of extraordinary beauty: The sky was a vision of red and pink.

  8. computer vision. verb (used with object)

  9. to envision, or picture mentally: She tried to vision herself in a past century.

When we were knit together in our mother's womb, we were gifted and called by God. We were born with a unique skill set, one that was put in us, to do only what He wanted us to do.

Before we are born, the Lord carefully knit us together in our mother’s womb. He breathed life into us. As He knit us, He intricately sewed pieces of gifts, talents, desires, abilities etc into our fabric. Each strand of DNA is from Him, on purpose for the exact season and time in history we’d be born into. Some He gave the ability to be writers, some trainers, others scholars, still others judges, lawyers, teachers, and on and on.

Did you also know?

The family you were born into has much to do with the vision He has for you. Their talents and abilities and blessings are meant for you to build on and nurture so that in your season they can be once again reestablished or realized. Even your height, your build, your voice, your structure all matters for the vision He has for you. The very city and land you were born on have incredible significance. And if you want to get really deep, the date in your birthdays falls is important. For example, I was born in 1973, coincidentally the exact same year Roe v Wade was established. Was born into a time when babies would by law, be taken from the womb should the mother decide this to be ideal. Millions of my would be generation would never see the light of day. The timing is not lost on me and I pray your birth year and date would not lose significance for you either.

Finding Your Vision

Maybe you agree and understand that we all have a calling and purpose, so much so that you could recite ever sermon you ever heard on the subject. Yet in your own life, you have never found it.

Perhaps you have bounce from job to job, career to career because maybe, just maybe this will help you find that nichè.

Or is it possible that you heard all your life a woman was meant to raise the kids and take care of her husband, and when the kids grow, she might could consider a little job somewhere.

As man, did you hear that you need a good job, making good money so that you can support a good family and create a good life for your self?

Whatever the case may be, let's begin to see the idea of vision from a truthful perspective and hopefully set you on a path to finding yours.


Digging In

When it comes to finding what the Lord has for us, we must pause and ask some pointed questions.

Think back to what you were like as a child.

  • What did you enjoy? Hobbies, sports, activities and past times.

  • Think about when you were a young adult, what interests did you have then?

  • What did you excel at?

  • What was the catalyst that caused you to stop doing those things? What shifted for you?

The Word of God says in Habbakuk 2:2 "And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it."

There are two things to note here. Number one, we are to write the vision and number two we need to write it so big that even someone who is running past would be able to see it. I love how there is an assumption here that we would have a vision.

Just in case you are wondering if this word is for you, the answer is yes. All of scripture is a blueprint for our lives. We are meant to do the Word of God, not just read it and memorize it. So that we keep with the having two or three witnesses to make it a truth for us, we see in Proverbs 29:18, "Without a Vision is a people made naked, And whoso is keeping the law, O his happiness!" YLT

Other translations state that the people run wild or cast off restraint. Isn't it interesting when you think of those who have gone through a midlife crisis? Could it be that person was never shown the vision God had for them so they went their own way and when they finally came to the end of themselves, they ran wild?

We must write the vision down. What God tells us in the secret place, we write it down so that we can pray into it, call it forth, grow in that area of our walk and run!

If you knew the vision and yet lost it, know this- a setback does not mean the vision isn’t for you anymore. The gifts and callings of God are irrevocable! Meaning, the gifts and calling He gave you are not able to be changed, reversed, they are final. He made you specifically with a vision in mind that you would love doing. If you never stepped into the vision because it was squashed out of you, it's still yours for the taking. This is not the time to make excuse on why you never did something that you truly love. This is also not the time to blame your family of origin, or a spouse, or whoever stamped it out of you. This is the time to take the truth of God, His gifts, His callings are not to ever be changed. In addition, if you do not ever step in then there is a void in the fabric of history. It's not like someone else will come along in your generation and do what only you could. Maybe your children will, if they catch a fresh revelation from God, but how much better is it to have had you step up and build a foundation for them to draft in?

First and foremost, God made you because He loves you. If you never realize the vision, He still loves you just as much. You are still welcomed into His kingdom if you’ve said yes to His Son. But to not discover His vision is like our children having a treasure in their bedroom growing up, yet never opening it. And that treasure would contain resources to live on, maps showing them to a world that was the most thrilling place- suited for them and others made like them.

Remember, it's never too late.

It’s never too late to pick up again and start fresh.

It's never too late to find your vision for the first time.

Moses was 80 when he went back to Egypt, he was very likely never meant to leave in the first place. he killed someone. It short, he had majorly messed up. But when it was time, God pulled him back, God used him in mighty ways. God didn't raise up another deliverer, He wouldn't back down even when Moses argued with Him. God wanted Moses and no one else would do.

Friend, God wants you and no one else will do.

It’s never too late to receive a fresh vision and finish the work God began in you. He is faithful and desires to finish it, you are totally and completely equipped for it. In fact, you have likely been training for this your whole life.

You must not quit, and you must press on when you get the revelation that the vision was lost.

On Monday, Septemeber 26th, we hosted a class on helaing our vision. If you are more of an auditory learner, I invite you to listen in and gain some fresh insight share here.

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