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You Do It

Here’s something- there is no Hebrew word for allow and let.

Interesting isn’t it, given the fact that the Church today perpetuates a false, ney, heretical belief that God allows you to go through events and circumstances to refine you. That He even will cause things to happen to individuals for the sole purpose of “refining” them. God does not passively let or allow terrible things into our lives simply to refine us. That is found no where in the Word of God. Two things are at play- free will, and the enemy of our souls.

When in despair and asking “why did this happen to me?”, people may tell you “oh God has something big He’s preparing you for. They even use Moses as an example. “Moses had to be in the desert 40 years in order to be trained up.” No. No he did not. Moses acted like a fool, killed a guy because he was zealous for his people and then rather than face the truth and consequences, high tailed it out to the desert.

Free will.

“God allowed David to not become king for 15 years to teach him (I literally have no idea what people think)”. Also, no.

David was to come up after a ridiculous narcissistic king, who was not about to roll over, and so, hence a massive amount of fighting and trying to kill this next would be king. The devil and his minions wreaking havoc.

Did Moses and David grow through these adverse circumstances?

Absolutely. Did God “allow” these things to go on?

No. And yes. And no.

You see, Hebrew is a funny language. The answer is often (near always) yes and no. This is difficult for our Greek mindsets. Thank you public school system. We think in terms of yes OR no. Black OR white. Right OR wrong. The Hebrew mindset is yes and no. Black and white. Shame and/or honor. Right and wrong, incidentally is not discussed as Hebrew people are more looking at what is honorable. There is a massive difference.

Adverse circumstances happen to us, especially in this country many times, because WE allowed it. Not always but many, many, many maaaany times.

We gave place to an open door. The amount of doors that people open over themselves are astonishing, yet claim God is teaching them something. Sometimes I wonder if the Lord is like, “nah that’s all you sis.”

We did not take the authority that Jesus gave to ALL believers and do something about situations.

The saying “new level, new devils” is 100% the most accurate thing I have heard when it comes to rough situations befalling people. Meaning, as you are about to crossover into new “territory” of blessing, calling etc, the ancient foe of our God tends to push back- a lot. Yet few know how to actually do something about it.


I’ll leave you with this- When the disciples told Jesus the people were hungry, it was getting late, and that He should tell them to be on their way, our Jesus said “you do it.” He wanted them to give the people something to eat, to step up into the authority. Before He died and rose on up.

He wanted them to step in, do the thing. You all know how this played out, Jesus had to do it because for whatever reason, they did not.

Fast forward 2000 years later, here we are. Staring at God, waiting for Him to move, assuming He’s trying to teach us something through our rough seasons when all the while, He may be saying, “baby girl, little one, YOU DO IT.”

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