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What the Blood of Jesus Does

There is power in the name and blood of Yeshua, (Jesus). It's time to learn and use it.

For those who are saved by the blood of Yeshua (Jesus), it's more than time to appropriate the blood our Savior shed. The Gregorian calendar just flipped a page and all are looking to 2022 with anticipation, and if we're honest, some are fearful of what's next.

For those saved by the blood of the Lamb, excitement, hope, joy and great wonder ought to fill our minds.

For those washed in His cleansing and healing blood, fear has zero place in our lives.

Believers, gather round. I need to teach you all something about prayer- and more importantly the power of your words & actions and your authority in the name of Jesus, by His blood. You see, there’s power in His name when spoken, but there’s extreme power in His blood.

The other day the man sitting in the white house quipped that those with a needle shot would be in for a terrible winter. Death, illness, all manner o cursing came from his lips. When I saw that I said OUT LOUD, “I rebuke that in the name of Yeshua, AND, sir, you've made a mistake because actually I’m covered in the blood of the Lamb of God. A daughter of the Most High, how dare you come against the Lord's anointed ones. There is no way that any man or stab is going to dictate my future. The Lord Jesus does that again, because I am bought by His blood and there is a bloodline drawn around me, preventing ANY weapon formed against me to prosper.”

You know what I did not do? Post about what he said. Mock what he said. Why? Because I would giving place to that word curse he literally spoke over everyone who did not do the thing they are demanding. Never have I ever been cursed or spoken against, on a national level, for not getting jabs. Never have I ever had to rebuke curses spoken to me and my children, to our faces so much before in my life. But ya know, the times they are a changin.

The thing is- I KNOW how to shut it all down.

Do you? If you know the Savior, then you should know. You have been given authority to in Christ to trample on snakes and scorpions. It is within our power to turn the tide, so to speak and end this.

If you posted recent remarks or made a comment on someone else's write up about the person who spoke these heinous words, then friend, you do not fully understand and grasp the magnitude of the blood of Jesus and the power of His name. You don’t understand the power of your words and actions. And sadly, you haven't yet understood your role on this earth.

You want to see this disease, all diseases eradicated? Then you will start acting like a child of God, no, a son of God and take your rightful authority. (Children act like children, sons act like adults and command authority)

We all have a choice- to whine and wallow about it all, shake our fists to the powers that be. Or... we can stand up, out on the full armor of God, and having done all, stand firm on truth. The first would be stupid and futile. The latter would be growing up as a son of God. It's living up to your birthright and calling here on earth.


You want to know what the blood of Jesus does? It protects, it heals (blood does that), it sets people free, it stops devils in their tracks from laying you out and so much more. If this is new to you it’s ok. The Father loves it when we come to Him in humility and say “I’m a totally rookie here- teach me”, and He will.

As children of the Living God, we can end this. But it will take sons of God to stand firm in their authority and stand on the truth of the Lord. The unshakable truth.

We all must start standing in your authority and begin to speak THE truth to any and every situation. Do not blithely post funny memes, or haphazardly comment on someone's rant. Speak out loud against this disease and the people who are perpetuating it. Declare this bound in the name of Yeshua. Call it over, declare healing in the land.

And having done all you know to do in the spirit, stand. Cease declaring and agreeing with what the devil is doing and start proclaiming what God HAS ALREADY DONE. We’re not the victims, he is.

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