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What is Truth?

There was an attempt made by yours truly to find a catchy quote about truth, but the truth is- they are were lame and found wanting of any substance. Nothing outside the word of God lends anything of value on the subject of truth.


Truth is truth.

Truth is devoid of opinion.

Truth is devoid of doctrine.

Truth is devoid of politics.

Truth is devoid of agendas.

Truth is absolute.

Truth is not based on beliefs.

Truth speaks on behalf of the One who ordained, or set it up from the beginning.

I can say “my eyes are green”, that is absolute without a doubt, truth. If you say, “no Jen Weir, your eyes are blue”, you would be speaking a lie.

Even if you really, really, deep down in the pit of your soul believe it- it’s still no truth. Even if you see the color as something other than green, perhaps because green eyes are not your preference, the facts are- my eyes are green. Regardless of your thoughts, beliefs and perceptions, the truth is, the eyes are still green.

Now, if I were to say “my hair is blonde”, well now it’s a little more cloudy. Yes, my hair appears blonde because of chemicals and grey , but the truth is- it’s moist brown with a crap ton of grey.

Eesh... now you know my secret.

Even when something appears to be true, one must dig to actually know truth, you feel me?


Truth seems so relative these days. Your truth, my truth, their truth. Not knowing what is actual truth can feel unnerving and chaotic.

Case in point, almost two years ago I began to pray for truth of the world's situation to be revealed because I knew that truth was not being spoken. I'm still waiting for that prayer to be answered.

God speaks truth. He is not a man that He should lie. He never changes so His truth never changes. How comforting is that?

When our world is upside down, feeling off and crooked, there is still One who only speaks truth.

Since our Father in the father of Truth, believing Him and His word brings life to those who hear it.

For those who do not believe that truth or the One speaking it, then they do not hear God.

It’s truly that simple.


How do you know if you were listening to lies? You simply ask the question, "what is the fruit of this thought or word?" Meaning, what will be produced from what I am hearing? Does it lead me toward goodness, more truth, & beauty? Does it lead me to Love? Does it lead me to becoming free in every way possible? Jesus said, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." John 8:32

And that last bit, that my friend, is the pièce de résistance. Freedom. True freedom is found in truth. It is not found in finding your own truth, because really, how do you know that is actually the truth and not just something you or I drummed up in our minds? Truth and then freedom is something you experience in your spirit, it's supernatural, it's completely unexplainable.

When we know the truth, when we find freedom, that is when we can begin, only begin to understand the depth of the Love the Lord has for us, and discover His wondrous plan for our lives.

All the paths of the LORD are lovingkindness and truth.

In other words- All the paths of the LORD are good & kind, sure & reliable, stable. Good, kind, RELIABLE, stable. Don't you want to know this stable, loving, good, kind, reliable and sure God? Then we must listen to His truth, we must rightly discern what is His truth in light of the lies we keep being bombarded with.


In a world so devoid of truth, pause and listen to His word. Read His word, listen in your spirit rather than your soul. He will be faithful to reveal that truth to you.

Do you not believe there is absolute truth?

Do you not hear truth?

If so, Messiah Jesus says you are of God.

If so, then go share His truth today. Someone near you needs to be refreshed with actual truth. I guarantee it.

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