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Trust Falls of Life

“Running is just a series of controlled falls.” -Mark Weir

My husband was a wise man in many respects, particularly when it came to fitness. There is nothing better than a formerly obese smoker turned vegan marathon runner to give you some perspective in the area of fitness. That type of person has quite literally run the gamut of fitness hurdles and weight reduction paths- in short- these people know from where they speak.


In my now 51 days of streak running, I have learned to embrace this idea of taking a series of control falls. On today’s run the Lord highlighted a critical aspect of this, one in which I am fairly certain will forever shape how I proceed with the rest of my life.



Yet it is always on my runs when I hear the Lord best and when I hear Him crystal clear, my life is always course correctly in a stunning direction.

If running is simply a series of controlled falls, then who on earth do we, the runner is keeping us from falling? Ourselves? Not likely on account of running anywhere can give us all manner of pitfalls to avoid and when you’re in the “zone” sometimes you don’t see the pothole (thank you Boston) or the seagull poop, (thank you beaches) or the, and this is where is gets gross, the squished squirrel that met an untimely demise with a rogue SUV, (thank you so very much, dear Texas).

So if the runner thinks he/she has any control on whether they fall or not, they are mistaken. In essence we are taking a series of “trust falls’ with our Creator. Or rather, the angels He has given charge concerning us, lest we strike our foot on a stone… pothole, seagull poop or dead squirrel.


If the Lord were to, and He wouldn’t, but if He would take away His care over us while we run, oh momma. That would be a sad state of affairs. In fact, there have been times when I have gotten a little too sure of myself and gone my own path, in life and running, and have found myself face to face with the ugly side of concrete.

Metaphorically and literally.

On my run the Lord was explaining this out to me and then began to open my eyes to see that this is a truth that runs (haha see what I did there) through every aspect of my life. Of your life.

In any undertaking be it marriage, parenting, schooling, career choices, and yes fitness, we take a series of faith steps. I know, it sounded a little cliché to me too, but I heard what I heard so I don’t argue anymore I simply listen and receive.

On that note, when we do not choose to receive His help and walk in His path of whatever the endeavor is, we tend to find ourselves on the ugly side of the pavement of life. Not right away mind you, this epic fall takes awhile to build up speed and momentum until one day you’re cruising along, in your own strength and WHAMO! Down you go.

If you’re like me at that moment you are embarrassed & ashamed for doing it your own, knowing full well you know better and after all you deserve that. This is one of those times the devil does not in fact kick us when we are down because we are doing a fabulous job, all on our own.

In these moments we have two choices. Get up, dust ourselves off and keep pressing and keep going. I mean, that is a solid choice, it is what our world and most religious organizations will tell you to do- get back up, keep going!!

Or… you could sit still, let the Healer come, clean your wounds, help you back up, and let Him carry you back home to inspect further to see if there was any damage. While you are in the spiritual triage, consider asking Him where you mis-stepped. At what point did veer off course and begin to run on your own? When He shows you, just admit you decided to trust yourself in the trust falls and ask Him what the next step is.

No need to make a big show of it, no need to gravel and beg forgiveness, if you said yes the Savior, that was taken care of 2000+ years ago. Rather, thank our God for His forgiveness and restoration.

Like running, life is truly a series of controlled falls. The question is, who are you letting control your falls, the Lord, or you?

One will never let you fall. The other, oh goodness, no further explanation needed.

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