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You have the power to change your circumstances with your thoughts and words. But you must choose to do so.

When my grandpa died, we found 18 hammers in his work shed. And several number 10 cans of mustard, ketchup, and I think pickles.

He was a child raised during the Depression and was taught to think post- Depression thoughts.

Hoarding, saving, fearing lack...

Landing on the beach at Normandy sealed the deal to fight for all you can and keep all you get, lest you be found wanting. Fear-filled thoughts controlled most of his actions, most of his life.

A year after I wrote this, a year after everyone was hoarding toilet paper (seriously can someone please explain this?) a year after lockdowns and mandates- the words have escalated and posts and articles abound regarding things that may OR may NOT in fact be happening.



In a world filled with speculations, untruths, half truths, no one knows what the truth truths, I wonder, will we find the next generation hoarding 18 hammers, ketchup and toilet paper?

Will we find the next generation so angry at one another because after all- they don’t think the way the other does?

In 2020 we had an incredible opportunity to THINK and SPEAK any way we wished.

Some of you missed a glorious chance to change the world with your world for the better.

We still have this opportunity, you know.

We still are able to teach our children to speak better, think wiser, move about the world with boldness and confidence.

But we must choose- today.

We must choose to see circumstances without the circumstance actually changing in a different light.

All your conditions you are experiencing because someone else made a choice different from yours- you can change that condition simply by thinking and speaking in a healing manner.

In short- cease blaming everyone around you for perceived challenges. Go do something about it, without leaving your home.

Speak about it in a life giving way.

I’ll give you an example at total random-

“I’m so happy and grateful my body feels zero effects from someone else receiving a shot”.

See? That was simple, yes?

Can you imagine a generation that looked forward to the future with joy?

Can you imagine for a moment with me, children and young adults responding to concerned and worries of the day with “my God has blessed me with such incredible health and life!”

And they move along with their God given purpose and calling.

Rather than waste digital ink by piercing their peers with venom filled words...

I wonder...

Children listen to every word we say, and every word we do not say.

Begin now to change how you see your circumstances and I guarantee the next generation will follow suit.

We are living in a gloriously exciting place and time in history- I pray you do not miss it because you’re choosing to see lack and death rather than hope, abundance and life.

Or, you can just have 18 hammers and 20,000 rolls of toilet paper.

Your choice...

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