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The Supernatural of Essential Oils

“Is anyone among you sick? Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord.” (James 5:14)

Have you ever wondered why the above passage says to first call the old guys of the church in order to pray over the sick, then anoint them with oil? If you're like me for about a decade I blithely glossed over this passage and figured it was symbolic. I've come to know that there is nothing in the bible that is solely symbolic. Our Lord is full of purpose. Not one word or syllable or scripture is by happenstance. The sages of old have said there are 70 different meanings to Torah. Yet in our modern culture we cannot fathom having anything but a sure and concrete translation and meaning behind each and every very. How foolish and arrogant of us.

For years after using essential oils and subsequently selling them, I would often remark how this product and business are spiritual in nature. It never ceased to amaze me how violently opposed people were to essential oils. There were times I saw husbands get down right hostile to their wives for even considering diffusing it in the home. "It STINKS!" they would yell. Women across the country would sneak oils that they loved and saw great benefit from. Children were forbidden to wear the oils in class deeming them allergen triggers.

Not being overly confident in my train of thought, I wouldn't take a firm stand until recently. And now, not only are these tools spiritual in nature, they have the power to effect someone in an incredibly supernatural way.

Allow me to explain:

Has anyone's adverse response to essential oils ever caused you to wonder what on earth is their problem? Well, the answer is, it's not on earth where their problem stems from. It's a total other worldly response. Violence and anger and spewing vicious words regarding the essential oils is quite uncalled for frankly and so odd. Never have I ever heard anyone bemoan the idea of flowers being placed in the entryway or ben upset by given a bouquet of roses, and yet- you place a beautiful diffuser in the bedroom for some aromatic influence and some spouse about lose their minds. In regards to a business venture of selling said oils, goodness. The degrading tone and words vented toward a spouse, co-worker or loved one is astounding. Again, never have I ever heard anyone berate and belittle a friend on their choice to become an accountant, teacher or ball player.

I, myself have had an adverse reaction to an oil called Stress Away. Being introduced to in at a time in my life when stress was at an all time high, you can imagine why I may not enjoy this one. Given my own experience I was full convinced. But still not enough to share this with the masses. Until one day I saw a demon manifest after using a significant amount of a blend called Divine Release.

Healing Nights were a regular occurrence for us while we lived in Massachusetts. On these nights kids form all around would come, take some time to journal, have some healing words spoken over them and use the essential oils to process negative emotions and release them so that they could begin to heal. No one was turned away, all were welcome. My mission in Massachusetts was to take my sack of oils and pray over folks, anointing them with the oils and ask the Lord Jesus to heal them- from whatever issue they had.

On one such night I figured it was time to bring out the trauma releasing blends, ones that had been created for the purpose of those who had been afflicted by PTSD. These kids had seen a lot in their lives. Some had been homeless. Some of them had parents who died, siblings who passed. Some had been and likely still were using drugs of some sort. Not too mention coming from third world countries which had had earthquakes, wars and a significant amount of poverty.

Unless you are equipped mentally and spiritually, do not bring essential oils of this magnitude into an environment like this. At minimum you must believe and understand the authority you have in Jesus the Messiah and in His blood. If you do not understand that much, you will be as I was on one of our nights.

One of the girls who came had some issues shall we say. A number of exploits, abandonments issues and a self esteem that was no where to be seen. It was a peaceful evening, one that everyone was sort of reverent, quietly journaling, inward focused and reflective. She applied no less than 20 drops of Divine Release and after a minute her face began to contort. It was utterly bizarre. Her faced changed before our eyes. She became twitchy and agitated and all of a sudden she began to weirdly sing. Now. I'm not opposed to singing, ever! Yet something about this type of singing was completely disruptive and inappropriate for what was happening at the moment. Rather than take authority over that disruptive spirit I competed with it and tried to quiet her down by giving her looks? Goodness, what was I thinking! Of course I knew what was happening but I was more embarrassed to say "in the name of Jesus get out you foul spirit" than to have this thing disrupt our time. I think back on that moment and have a laundry list of regrets.

What if this women had been freed that night? It looked as though the oils began the process, we just needed to pray.

Another women had a similar experience. She began using the essential oils because she loved the aroma, saying Joy made her think of DR and the gardens there. It was the sweetest thing to watch her enjoy them so much. Except she kept getting some throwing up bug. I know, it's not that weird, but give me a minute to explain. She called me several times for prayer within a couple of weeks because she kept throwing up. Not coincidentally this began shortly after she used the oils. Now then. Most people would say they had a "reaction" to the oils and stopped using them. In fact, I know many who put the oils on a shelf because they gave the person a headache. Um, no. Not you, but the demons you're carting around got a headache...

In any case, this girl called me desperate one day needing prayer, deliverance, something. I wasn't about to go over, because again at that point I was walking in fear and sent my husband over. He laid hands on her, prayed and left. She called the next morning and said, "well I gave my life to Christ so I should be good now". As it turns out she knew this was spiritual before I did! Sure enough, sister was healed and in her right mind. She never looked back. In fact, she talks little of nothing else except her Savior and Lord, Jesus the Messiah.

What you have before you are only two of the many storied I have regarding how supernatural the essential oils are. I won't bore you with the scriptures about the disciples taking nothing with them when they went out to heal and cast out demons, nothing that is except they had oil...


My point? I'm not entirely sure, honestly. I just know I have a lot of essential oil crazy stories and I grow weary of hearing they're a hoax, not relevant or worse- against what the Lord would want us to use. A dear friend told me recently I needed to begin sharing these stories with you all, who knows why. She said no one has a face melting story in our company. Well, not that we know of because people don't share that kind of thing, right? Yet I find it interesting that no one points out how oddly healing these tools are and how really, if you want healing the Word of God tells you oils are an integral part of that healing.

I do know this- Lavender essential oil is God's word in a drop of Lavender. Think of it- God said "Let there be Lavender", and it was so. There is nothing else on creation that you can distill into such a concentrated amount and receive such powerful healing.

For those of you who sell essential oils as your business remember this- you are handling something potent and supernatural in your hands. Make no mistake. If you're struggling to grow your business and have bounced from training to training, I would venture to guess it's because you haven't looked at what you have in the way the Lord intended them to be used. There is zero room for ego and pride when handling resources straight from the Creator to heal people.

Essential oils are supernatural. Don't believe me? Think back on your own journey, and I'm certain somewhere along the way you've had someone resist in a way that is so out of the norm and possibly out of character for the person that you cannot deny the power.

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