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The Manual

In September 2019 I shared this. In September 2020 I shared this. In October 2021 I re-shared this. My husband was the consistent one of the two of us. Not me. I only consistently drink coffee each morning. But re-sharing this particular post, seems to be my "streak".

You see, this morning I woke up thinking "man. We've walked through some stuuuuf in the past 3 years." Then on my walk, I was overwhelmed with such grief at the thought of one of my babes missing their dad so much I can see the pain on them. That hurts. A lot. Then I remembered some horrors I had read regarding trafficking etc, and my heart just hurt. With every situation, with every fire, with every everything, I run to this.

My manual. My guide. My plumb line.

I know it was used as a weapon of abuse on so many, and the thought of that, makes my heart hurt all the more. Because for me, it's a scalpel. It's a tool that has shaped me and mostly given me such hope and comfort in the darkest of seasons. I watch people reject this Manual because of the lack of validity in their eyes, the blatant disregard for the Author from the translators, and I understand where those who reject it are coming from. But if they knew the Author, this Manual would be life to them. If they knew the Love with which it was written, the tender heart of an Author who is detailing out His incredible fierce Love for His children, my guess is, this would become that incredible source of Hope as well.


Three years ago I shared this truth, and as the days go by, this truth is more true than 36 months ago. It's more real (if that's even possible) than ever before.

The arguments have simmered down a bit from one and two years ago, but I sense it brewing what with events coming up in November.


So let me ask you; Have you read this? Have you heard His truths spoken over your life? Do you know how to declare these truths to make them come to reality in our time? Do you know how to declare this and pray into these truths for your family?

When I see believers in Jesus, wringing their hands, declaring the works of evil happening and oh goodness what ever will we do, I think, no, no, no, that is all wrong.

We're here on this earth to say, "Not on my watch. Not while there is still breath in my lungs enabling me to pray and declare the goodness of my God in the land of the living."

Never before has this manual been so critical.

People say, “well, there’s no manual for this life”. Let's fact check that shall we? False. There is.

Perhaps you don’t know this Manual I know or how to use it. You can learn. Perhaps it was always used on you as a ruler, a rod of judgement and a list of do’s and don’ts. I'm grieved over that and I am so sorry. But, there's healing that needs to happen in your soul so that you are able to hear these truths. Most people can't hear the Author because there are such deep wounds that prevent them from recognizing His voice.

This is a love letter, a tool for Life, true life. It’s a book for business growth, for marriages, for learning to rest, for raising children in complete unconditional love and grace.

It's THE book I run to when I don't know what to tell my kids as I see the pain etched in their young faces. It's THE book I search when I see vile acts committed in this world and I don't know how to pray anymore.

Read this Manual through the eyes of a loving and powerful God. We must begin to read it through the eyes of a God who fights for you. We must begin to read it through eyes that do not fear but have great faith that literally, anything is possible.

Also on my walk this morning, I was telling the Lord, "I just want them to know You like I know You.", because my friend, I've sat in those chairs on Sunday morning and most places aren't telling you the TRUTH of who He is. Shoot, most of those folks don't even know for themselves.

I'm just a girl who grew up all over the place, who found Jesus at a ridiculously absurdly wild time in my life, who wants everyone in the entire world to know the God I do. I'm just someone who has seen the goodness and faithfulness of the Author of this Manual in terrifically difficult times. I want the same for you. He wants the same, and MORE for you.

You only need to do two things- open the Manual, cease looking at the world and begin to look at our God. Trust me, the view is way better.

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