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The 2nd Most Dangerous Place

It’s been said that one of the most dangerous places for a person to be is in the womb. Interesting notion if you really think of it. When I was pregnant with Jonah, my Canon loved to come running at my enormous belly and ram his head into it. That saying certainly rings true when pregnant more than once.

I’ve seen a second dangerous place in our society and that is the inside of a church building. If your destinies weren’t stolen because you were killed in the womb, then certainly your callings and gifts were attack and for some of us- killed inside those walls.

I’ll give you an example- my husband was a phenomenal artist. Brilliant really. Even the sandwiches he created were stunning. You might starve before actually tasting it on account of it would take so long, but a work of beauty to be sure.

He was accepted into a pretty prestigious art school in L.A. and his parents said they would not pay the tuition because “it wasn’t a real school”. Not knowing how to be scrappy and find a way to do it, that gift/talent/calling was killed, crushed, and blown away. That mindset was born inside their religious beliefs, by the way. When I met him, his mother said “wow, I never thought Mark would find a nice Christian girl who liked all his tattoos”. Imagine her surprise to see I myself had been tatted up.

In my line of work, I share frequently about physical health in terms of looking at our emotional well being first. In the case of a faltering thyroid, we have a lack of ability to speaking up or stand up for ourselves in a number of situations.

Never mind being able to discern what may be holding us back from our true calling and pursue in life. One thing I haven’t shared much however is a blessing over my listeners & readers to step into your gifts, to call back your destiny that was placed in you when your Father was knitting you together. With every cell He put in you, intricately wove together, He was singing His lullaby over you. With every vein He stitched you up with, breath He breathed into you, He planted gifts, wonderful needed stunning gifts inside you spirit. He did this because He knew you would absolutely LOVE the calling He gave you. He knew you’d be drawn to music, to the skies wondering if maybe you too, could fly in a plane. He knew you would love to paint, sculpt, ride horses, care for dogs, wrangle cattle, stitch people back together, work with numbers, create new ideas. He knew you would love this so much.

But some of you, not all, some, we’re inside the unsafe walls of a church, we’re doctrines of demons and traditions of men reign supreme.

And for that I’m so sorry. On behalf of our God, I’m asking you to forgive those who killed your destiny, but calling out those gifts now, and asking our Father to resurrect them, to breathe LIFE into you and most of all, to give you the courage to step out.

Dear friend, I bless you and your gifts in the name of our Lord. I pray you release the word curses spoken over you and receive His healing word.

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