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Show Where it Says

"Well, I believe this side of Heaven, I may not be healed."

This was a friend's statement to me when discussing a chronic condition she was experiencing in her body.

"Um.... I'm going to need you to back that up in the Word of God please.", was my reply.

Plain and simple.

No arguing with her about how wrong she was, no debating theology. Only a simply statement of "prove it."

Prove to me through the very Words of God that He is unwilling to heal every disease, condition of ailment that befalls humanity.

Prove to me through His spoken word, the manual for life and godliness, that it is not the Father's will for believers to be healed on this side of Heaven.

Show me where it says these words...

Show me a scripture where Jesus afflicted someone with a disease in order to teach them a lesson.

And if you come at me with the 'thorn in the side" passage, I'm going to send you back to reread the scripture again, because turns out, the passage says "a thorn in the flesh was given to me, a messenger of Satan..."

This first of all, was not from God.

Second of all, it was a messenger, a demon, sent from Satan to Paul to pester him. The Lord would did not say He would not remove it, that is all speculation, to be honest. All we know is the Lord said, "My grace is sufficient for you, My power is made perfect in weakness." So Paul gets all kinds of excited and praises the Lord for his own weakness and the Lord's great power that flows in and through Paul.

And yet... we have made whole sermons, doctrines and false beliefs surrounding an oft misquoted (misrepresented) scripture.

In any case- show me where it says...


First of all, the Word of God says, He sent His word and He healed them. Psalm 107:20

In Jeremiah, the prophet is quoting the Lord and says, "For I will restore you to health

And I will heal you of your wounds,’ declares the Lord" Jeremiah 30:17

In fact, Jeremiah is riddled with Scriptures about theLord's plan, will and good pleasure to heal His people.

The Psalms are another one that is wrought with promises to declare and claim over our lives for healing, protection, provision, etc.

And yet, we close churches because a pandemic breaks out.

And yet, we race to a medical professional in order to seek out what is wrong with us.

And yet, we search high and low for the right medication to help our conditions.

And yet, we deprive ourselves of bread, all because our systems have become so out of whack, out of alignment with how the Creator designed it- all so we can survive another day.

Has it ever occurred to anyone that there are scads of people now who cannot eat bread, yet, Jesus is the Bread of Life? The Word of God is called bread. But thousands, no millions speak out loud everyday " I cannot eat bread".

Please do not miss the power of those words.

If this is you, have you ever sought the Lord and asked, "why" you cannot tolerate bread? Have you asked Him to heal you? If so and your healing hasn't come yet, have you stopped believing He will indeed heal? Because with every, "I am gluten intolerant" statement you declare, you have negated the healing that was likely on its way. James calls this being double minded, or in the Greek, double souled. We cannot ask the Lord for one thing, then doubt and declare the complete opposite.


Did you know Jesus was actually unable to heal people when He walked the earth? Can you imagine, Jesus was unable to do something. I'm certain you know why, but for fun, let's review. mark 6:5 says, "And He could do no miracle there except that He laid His hands upon a few sick people and healed them."

I love how Jesus can't help but heal even a small handful. I imagine those were the remnant that wouldn't stop believing, wouldn't let Him go unless they received their healing.

Jesus was unable to perform miracles, signs and wonders, in certain areas because of their lack of belief.

Abraham believed God and it was counted to him as righteousness. A just man will live by faith.

We know all these Scriptures but do we understand what they mean? Do we declare it or do we kill ourselves and block our healing with our very mouths? The promises of God are voice activated. Psalm 91:2


If you have believed God for a healing, miracle etc and have yet to see it, could it be you are unwilling to do what He has asked you to do in order to have the healing?

Has He asked you to drink more water?

Eat healthier?

Take a walk?

Change your thoughts?

Get more sleep?

Take an actual Sabbath rest? It's in the top 10, you know. Just like He says killing people is a bad idea, so allow is it with resting one day a week.

In other words, has the Lord asked you to dip in the Jordan 7 times, yet your stubborn heart wouldn't allow because after all, why would God actually want you to do something so strange?

"Elisha sent a messenger to him, saying, “Go and wash in the Jordan seven times, and your flesh will be restored to you and you will be clean.” 11But Naaman was furious and went away and said, “Indeed! I thought ‘He would at least come out to [see] me and stand and call on the name of the LORD his God, and wave his hand over the place [of leprosy] and heal the leper.’ 12Are not Abana and Pharpar, the rivers of Damascus [in Aram], better than all the waters of Israel? Could I not wash in them and be clean?” So he turned and went away in a rage." 2 Kings 5:10-12

Are you Naaman? Has someone offered you an alternative, perhaps a diet change or an essential oil or supplement to assist in your healing and you stormed away in a rage?

The Lord chooses to heal in whatever way He so desires.

Jesus took mud, spit on it (disgusting) and put in on a guy's eyeballs. Then it didn't quite take so He does it again.

He spoke a word and people were distance healed, no hand laying on.

The disciples were sent out, anointed with oils and laid hands on sick people and they recovered.

Hanker chiefs were brought to sick and lame, and they got well.

A woman touched Jesus' garment, only the hem, and was completely healed, after she dumped all her finances on the doctors of the day. Hmmm, I wonder who catches that...


We'd be wise to not use our personal experience in order to create a doctrine we are most comfortable with. If we haven't seen healings and miracles in our lives yet, we cannot take it to mean it is not God's will to heal this side of Heaven. The Word of God does not change, ever. It is still the same. The Father uses all manner of means and methods to heal, He's super creative that way. And yes, at times He may choose to allow a doctor into the situation. Yet, I imagine if we sought the Healer more on the topic, there would be far fewer docs out there and more who used the Father's means and tools. Perhaps even, He has shown you how to be healed- yet you are unwilling. Only He knows, right?


If you have been in need of healing and have heard this side of Heaven it may not happen- you, my friend, have been told a lie. One that is straight from the pit of hell. Yes, even bible believing folks can speak the devil's words. Remember, Jesus never afflicted someone with a disease in order to teach them a lesson, and whenever someone asked Him, He was always willing to do the healing work of His Father.

If you have been one to spread the lies, you'd better be crystal clear you haven't been a messenger of the enemy. Back up all your theology with the Word of God. I wonder, will you be as the atheists past, who sought to prove God wasn't real, yet upon further study of Him, couldn't deny He exists?

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