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No Matter the Outcomes

As a reminder....

When Thomas Jefferson was elected president, women cried and hid their bibles. Sorry Ham fans, but no, Jefferson was not the flamboyant lovable character you saw in the play. He was in fact a wretched human being for the most part, arrogant, pompous and did not have the people's best interest at heart.

During the Great Depression, 20% of the population lost their jobs, yet there were 80% who were still employed. That time in history consisted of an extraordinary high percentage of millionaires, by the way. There were even those who thrived and defied odds. Those who feel the effects of that time, even today, simply have the mindset embedded within their subconscious.

In 1955 Rosa Parks quietly took a seat and changed history. Period.

In 1930 Gandhi quietly began walking with 80 of his friends and ended up with roughly 50,000 and the end of the March.

Understand that Gandhi was not always the quiet, reserved man history teaches him as. He was actually a participant is some astoundingly violent acts. Shows you that humans can indeed change for the better.

Daniel, though taken from his home and exiled for 70 years, THRIVED in Babylon. He had to learn witchcraft and languages that would have been an affront to his God and beliefs. And yet, quietly, but with incredible strength, he stayed the course.

And of course, I must give a nod to my own roots, in that my grandma grew up on an Indian reservation, poorer than poor, moved to CA and became an extremely successful and wealthy women. Please do not discuss immigration issues with me- we were here before, how do you say in the south, all ya'll.


After each election, some choose to respond like the women in Jefferson’s day.

Some choose to quietly take a seat and go on to change the world.

Some choose to look at the 80% and rise above their adverse circumstances and go on to make their own history, change their own family tree.

Some choose to get on their knees three times a day, in the face of adversity and call out to the God who holds it all.


Which are you?

Where is your focus? Because I got news for you, we attract and become what we focus on. We open doors of opportunity for whatever it is to walk on into our lives- negative pr positive.

Should you want the world to change, I mean real tangible change- focus on the One who created it AND your part to play in the whole deal.

You do know you have a part to play, right?

You are not meant to simply be a spectator.

Some are praying fervently for change, yet I often wonder if the Lord's not like, " hey I'm doing My part, some of you all need to get up and go already."

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