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It's Time to Shine

You know what's interesting to me- leaf peepers. These are folks who travel a thousand or more miles to go look at leaves dying from suffocation that are, as they go down, showing their true colors. Forgive the morbidity of the definition, it's what my children realized while living in MA and seeing people flock to the NE each year.

While the leaves are stunning as they die off, what I find most notable is that this is in fact, their true color- Is what's REALLY on the inside of the leaf. Few look at trees in the Summer and say "ooh love that particular green!" Actually, a sum total of no one says that. We love the trees in Summer for what they provide- shade, a means to allow the wind the blow through, etc. But what they look like, meh. Totally uninteresting. If I had to guess, I'd say because they look like every. other. tree.

It's only in Autumn that we are so enamored with their stunning beauty. Once the color of what they actually are peeks through, that's when our breath is gripped by their gorgeous display.

As I was on my walk I noticed this one, and I couldn't stop looking at it the rest of the time. Notice the amount of colors that are in this one leaf!

This leaf reminds me of us. While the leaf doesn't have a choice on color or how it arrays itself throughout the year, we do.

We tend to get all green to match the world around us and over time we are unable to see the beauty that is underneath it all. Who knows why, really. Maybe we wouldn't want anyone seeing the true vibrancy under it all because it looks so different from our peers. It's too bold, too loud, too soft, too subtle, to audacious...

Did I mention no leaf on a tree in Autumn looks the same? Their colors resemble one another, but next to each other, vastly different. So it is with I suppose.

As I stared at this leaf today, I thought, it's time, ladies. Perhaps it's time to let the green "die off" and make space for your true beauty to shine through. That looks different for everyone, by the way. Some of you have been covered over a calling or purpose. Some have covered your voice. Others of you, have allowed opinions and judgements to poison your mind.

No matter what you've covered, this is the season to uncover what's been hiding underneath. You know who you are, and you know what that is. I'm cheering you on, dear friend- you can bank on that.

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