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It's Time to Receive

We must be willing to serve without a care about our own needs.

Bold statement and possibly seems a bit harsh. That is... if you have a religious mindset.

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Our world is full of self.


Self love

Self gratification

We live in a world that shouts at us 24/7, “you need a little me time!!” but we have a Savior who calls us up to a higher standard, one of service, an unconditional pouring out.

He demonstrated this by washing stinky feet, dealing with 12 men who likely were at each other as much as they listened to His teachings. Jesus also hugged and touched the most vile and disgusting people of the day. He purposely sought out those who were naked outcasts, (some quite literally). Before any religious mindsets come out to play on this write up, let me stop you right there.

You see, this kind of service to others doesn’t come from a heart of “have to” or “commanded to” or out of strict obedience & discipline.

No, this can only come from a place of pure Love. One that was first received.

When we are able to receive from God, and I mean, receive everything we ever need, be it material or emotional, then we can FREELY give because we know without a shadow of doubt our every single need is met. Literally met not just metaphorically.

All the help we need, all the strength, all the cash, all the food, all the all the, is/has been already provided for. This isn’t just a cool saying or something to be stitched onto gramma’s pillow case. This is a bills are paid and there’s extra in the bank. Fridge Is fully stocked and you have enough for those unexpected 20 guests who pop in. It’s shalom, peace, prosperity, joy, love and it fills your every thought and action. In this place, you are able to pour out pure selfless love on someone else, even if they are being a miserable wretched cow, because you can see with different eyes all their pain that simmers underneath- the pain that is causing them to be that miserable wretched cow.

When this and more is yours, then and only then can you serve as our Yeshua did.

Should we experience lack in any area of our lives understand that there are two things at play.

1. We have a desperate need for more of God. Not more bible study, not more time sitting in church, not more time confessing sin, not more prayer and reading- more of Him.

2. There is a diminished capacity for receiving. When our root chakra, energy center (stability & security) are damaged, we get real good at taking care of ourself. We have to,, it’s simply what survivors do. But our God wants to give us everything we could ever need and more. In the book of Isaiah it says, The LORD longs to be gracious to you; therefore He will rise up to show you compassion.

Survivors have broken receivers, so they do for themselves and everyone around them. But that comes from a broken place, which is ugly and eventually the person who cannot receive yet constantly gives becomes a resentful miserable cow

The only way to fully receive is to let yourself get healed.

There’s no magic pill, it’s a matter of getting real still and quiet and letting God heal those places and learning to receive from Him.

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