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How to have no FEAR of SNOW

"She is not afraid of the snow for her household, for all her household are clothed with scarlet."

Some are calling it snowmageddon, some snowpocolyspe. Whatever you choose to call it, this past week in Texas has been something else altogether interesting. We have had record breaking freezing temperatures, power outages, and many have been without water for one reason or another.

As someone who has spent the last two and a half years in the Northeast, I would have previously mocked and scoffed these warm weather friends in their lack of preparedness for below 40 degree temps. The truth is, they aren't prepared because it literally never gets to this point. Why would they even think to be prepared?

A few trips to the grocery store this week for water (yep, that was our draw) showed me how much I took for granted the little old gentleman sprinkled sand and salt up at the Market Basket through Winter in Boston, Mass. They sand/salt everything making it easy to get around in weather like this. Texas, not so much. Hence why the massive shutdowns.


We had already lost our water when the power went out a day later. I began to go into full blown panic mode when Holy Spirit whispered so sweetly, "You have no fear of snow for your household, remember?" Ahh, that familiar lovely voice. I love Him so very much.

Holy Spirit is so kind and gentle and reassuring. Smiling I grabbed my bible and began to pray for power. Mercifully we were only part of rolling outages so ours would kick on and off throughout the week.

But I couldn't help but pour over the words, "no fear of snow for her household". I was reminded of years before when I studied this chapter to its fullest possible measure! I remember wanting to know her secret. How could this woman do it all. Was it that she had servants? How was it that she got up while it was still dark, gave instructions to her crew, had at least five sources of income, was obviously wealthy, her husband is well known in their community- goodness! What was her secret?


Ladies, you've been told a lie if you've been told we cannot measure up to this woman. Not only can we, but we should. Not only that, it's so simple. But you must know the secret. Why would the enemy of your soul want you to have the kind of life this woman had? After all, she's quite successful and has a thriving ministry- he would do anything in his tiny power to get you, dear sister, to believe you are just not cut out to be like her. The over achiever that she is! GAH!

As I sat in my home praising the Lord for every time the power flicked back on, praising Him for the huge lake with which we could haul water to flush our toilets, giving huge thanks and praise for family willing to let us fill water jugs and containers so we could drink- the secret once again washed over me.

It was why I hadn't panicked but for a few moments without power. It was why I had an unending peace during this whole time. It is why I can smile at the future not knowing when we will get running water back.

This Proverb 31 woman feared the Lord, I fear the Lord. All her achievements, all her fabulousness is only because she first- fears the Lord of all creation.

She isn't given over to complaining about her unsavory circumstance, and neither am I.

This women wouldn't dare find words of frustrations on her lips and neither would I.

This, after all is a storm, sent by the Lord. He causes the weather, sun, rain, snow, wind- it's all His doing. I dare not speak out against it.

In the wake of covid nonsense, I'm reminded that that was all very much a man made circumstance, and sadly, many people responded to it with their human selves. That is frustrating, I am allowed to have a holy, righteous anger about that, just like I am allowed by my God to feel anger toward aborted babies and human trafficking.

But a storm, sent by the Lord, oh I had better never complain but only pray.


If you are a believer in Jesus the Messiah, I highly recommend you do the same. Have you sought the Lord in your hardship seasons? Have you gotten on your face before Him and asked, "how would you like me to pray during this time?"

When I asked the question, I received an incredible response.

In case you're wondering-

  • For those without power- pray they’d be flooded by His Holy Spirit power.

  • For those without water, pray they would seek His living water.

  • For those without heat- pray they would be overcome by His fire and consumed by Him.

Praying for others has always lifted me up and out of my own circumstances, spiritually speaking and given me a picture of what others truly need. Yes of course people need warmth, but more than that- they need the Holy Spirit to break through! More than running toilets, they need the Living Water, our Jesus. More than they need power back on so they can cook, they need the power of Holy Spirit, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead- that power is living in us, and available should we tap into it!


You want to know her secret? The Proverbs 31 woman feared the Lord and because of that, she knew where her help came from. She knew that she and her household were clothed in scarlet. Scarlet is a picture of Love and blood covering in the Word of God. Scarlet is a term for salvation. Her household, and mine, is covered by the Blood of the Lamb, it is covered by His love- she and her household- my household and I, are saved. We are totally protected by this scarlet. It is a picture of double portion, so not only are we protected, covered, secure in Him, we are doubly so. Double portion of covering and blessing.

Is this true of you? Can you, like me, like this woman say without shadows of doubt- you are doubly blessed and protected?

When you know and believe that you are completely taken care of, totally enveloped in His love, you have zero need for concern about the future, and certainly not bad weather. You know Who sends it. You understand and perceive it is purposeful.

It's more than having gratitude in hard times, my friend. It's seeking His face and asking deeper questions.
It's more than a better mindset, it's trust in God and in God alone!

Seek His face, while you still have time. If you're in the midst of this storm, fall on your knees right now. He just might be trying to tell you something. If you're in the middle of a different storm- same applies. Go to your closet, pray to your Father who hears you, truly know what it means to fear the Lord.

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