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How Impotent is Your God?

"He who sits in the heavens laughs, The LORD scoffs at them." Psalm 2:4

If we could all take the position of our God right now, and laugh and scoff at our enemy...

Open any of your social media news feed and you'll see all manner of posts and articles surrounding the topic of vaccines, mandates, travel restrictions, social distancing etc. Anger, hateful words towards leaders and politicians abound. What is most striking is the gross lack of words of faith and hope from those of us who have it.

I myself am guilty of posting from frustrations and fears. And yet the Lord has quickly called me to the carpet on such nonsense on my part.

The question arose in my mind "How impotent is your God?", when I recently saw someone verbally bash the current administration, and chastising those who voted him in.

Do you really think it was the people of the nation who voted him in? It is the Lord who sets up kings and takes them down. He alone is the one who orchestrates such things. But remember this- it also was His children who demanded a king, and king they got- Saul, who's name literally means "what you asked for."

Fighting with one another over whether this is a good choice or poor choice is not in line with what the word of God admonishes us to do.

Scorning one another for our personal views of vaccines and experiences is certainly out of line with His plans and purposes for us as a people. Yes, the facts remain that vaccines do cause harm, but you cannot expect someone so gripped in the throws of fear of dying to weigh those negatives when presented with the option of not dying.

Those who's eternity is not secure, and they know it intuitively, will be absolutely more afraid of a known source of death than one that is a maybe.


What is your response when you hear news that is not in line with your choices or your best? Do you hit the ground in praise to your God? Do you surrender your demands and desires and seek His face, asking how you best should pray in the circumstance?

All too often I hear, "I know God is in control but...." Your but is in the wrong place. There is no but when speaking of the wonders and abilities of our God. Unless you are saying "there is this and such situation, BUT God is in control and He is directing my steps."

There is so much power and strength when you put your but in the proper place.


A vaccine is here and the authorities wish to make it as mandatory as a social security number. So what is your response?

If you rejoice in the vaccine as if the Savior has come again, you my friend are as Psalm 20:7 speaks against- "Some boast in chariots (medicine) and some in horses (could be read of politicians and policies)" But those of us who know our God ought to be like the second part of that verse- "BUT we will boast in the name of the Lord our God.

Those who trust in man made products will bow down, fall and sink into their own pits. (vs 8), BUT those of us who trust in the name of the Lord our God have risen and stood upright. No matter where you stand on any issue of the day, for those who hope and trust in anything made by man and is a counterfeit of that which the Lord our God created, will fall.


End of story.

You wonder why life is hard on the planet, why there is so much pervasive evil and destruction? Perhaps it's because you, I, have put our everything into something that is anything but our God.

If you fear and wring your hands at mandates and forced vaccination, you too are in a hopeless situation. I would ask you the question, How impotent is your God? Don't you know that He can save you from the fire? Don't you know that His purposes and His will WILL absolutely not be thwarted, IF you choose to align yourself with His ways?

Put your hope in God and you will live.

"So I say to my soul, Don't be discouraged. Don't be disturbed. For I know my God will break through for me." Then I'll plenty of reasons to praise Him all over again. Yes, He is my saving grace!" Psalm 42:11 TPT

Don't be discouraged. Don't be disturbed. For we KNOW that our God WILL break through for us. He always does and He always will. And can we just say along with the boys in Babylon thrown in a fiery furnace, "even if our God will not choose to save us, we will never bow down"?

Can you say that with me? Because my friend, one day it may come to that, and all your postings and rantings will have gotten you no further but frustrated and further from your God and His purposes.


Hope in Him. Fall on your knees in prayer when you hear bad news. Fall on your knees in praise when it looks darkest.

For praise and worship is a purifier, and worship is how He has throughout history thwarted His enemies. (2 Chronicles 20)

The vaccine is here. The mandates have been lifted, yet we see people who rather have them in place. We've seen an entire people gripped in fear, from catching a virus, understand without prayer and decreeing truth, this will not go away. Those people need to know our God, our very strong and powerful God. Hows about you and I stop agreeing with the enemy and the plans of the governments and start agreeing with the Lord in prayer? Cease from seeking your own agenda and begin to seek His.

Pray that the Lord would frustrate the plans of the enemy.

Pray that He would thwart the arrows and darts of the one who only wants to steal and kill and destroy.

Pray that God be glorified in this time.

Pray with me, friends.

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