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Don't Sit With What Was

Have you ever noticed how much we hang on to the past?

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.” ― Bill Keane

We may tend to dwell nostalgically on past events or times long gone, ones that represent a time of true happiness. Perhaps thinking back to fun moments with family and friends, longing to be with them once again or precious memories of children running through the house muddy, sticky and smelling like outside- all bring a tiny tear of sweetness to the eyes.

While there is nothing wrong with remember beautiful memories, there may come times when those thoughts hold us in our present or worse yet, cause a disdain for where find ourselves. All of which doesn’t propel us to move forward with incredible ease.

Isn't it funny we never remember the times when a family member was source of great irritation, or the mess we had to clean after our children ran through the house yes muddy, but also touching everything as they past by? We truly do only remember the good.


Imagine if you will, someone who let’s say, relishes in heat, thrives in it, in fact. And frankly, longs for the return of warmth when it is gone. We’ll call this person, Lover of Summer, Summer for short.

When Fall comes, Summer may tolerate the crispness, and yet on those blistering Fall days where the season of summer has yet to see itself out, she giggles and spends all day outside in the heat- soaking up as many drops of sun as possible.

Winter descends on the earth and along with it comes a feeling of sadness over Summer. Her face falls with the last of Fall’s leaves. And honestly, stays crestfallen for the next three to four months. She bemoans and whimpers about days gone by, longing for warmth again, all the while making those who relish in the brisk Winter air, miserable. Summer posts on social media about how much she'd love to be pool-side again, scantily clad in her best beach attire, sips lemonade and diffuses Stress Away and Lime for a "summer vibe" in her home. Yet, she misses out on the hundreds of Blue Jays and Cardinals that abound in Winter, the ones who take every last worm and crumb the earth offers. Stunning reds and blues flash in front of Summer, but she just waves them off, “stupid birds!” she whines. The brown grass that looks like puffy blankets of warmth for creatures snuggling in the dirt below, she scoffs at saying "ugh, ugly dead things are deplorable to look at!"

Looking at a now bare tree, she wishes the pinks and purples were back on its branches, so much so she is completely oblivious to the gnarled bark and trunk that tells an incredible story of the tree’s last 12 months. The intricate lines running up and down the truck escape her notice.


Oh Summer, how blind you are to the beauty and calling you have right around you- all because you long for better days.

In the past 13 months, many have become like our precious Summer. The question is- have you, have I? Are we collectively missing the entire forest for the proverbial trees?

Few enjoy the state of the world as it is, yet the word of God says it will get much worse in the end. Not only that, the scripture reminds us that since we have such a great cloud of witnesses, we are to cast off everything that is hindering, and the sin that so easily entangles us- and we are meant to run our race with such perseverance! Looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, even despising the shame of it, and then, when it was all said and done- He sat down at the right hand of the throne of God! Goodness! What a model for us to look towards, agree?

With this passage in Hebrews 12 in mind, wouldn't it makes sense to not allow what use to be to hinder us from finding a new path, perhaps even being a pioneer in a new way of doing life, as it were? And wouldn't it also make perfect sense to throw off any propensity to sin and nonsense so that we are free to run the race that is marked out for each of us? After all, the Word of God says He has prepared works in advance for each of us to do. Suppose it's a fantastic idea to be free as a bird and light as a feather to do those works.


We are also exhorted to be of good cheer, because- He has overcome. We too, overcome by His blood and our testimony. (Rev. 12:11)

For those longing to be healed and free emotionally, this is a stunningly powerful reminder that we already have the answer. All that may mentally plague us has already been overcome and we have the “prescription” of overcoming. Blood and words. It's the how to use the words that is rarely taught in the churches or worship. Here is an article I wrote on the how to begin thinking and speaking as our God meant us to do.


There is nothing in the world that ‘just happens’, especially if your are under the shadow of His wing. Now, if you're out actin' a fool, well, that is a whole other conversation. Provided you are snuggly tucked under His wing, where you are, in your home, that place of business, yes all of it is exactly where He wants you- right now.

We have been created in Him, to do good works- which by the way- He prepared in advance for us to do. Do you really think a pandemic or economic shutdown is going to stop His plan and works for your life? We simply need to adjust our focus seek Him for the now what answer and walk in that.

"For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them." Ephesians 2:10

How do you feel about where He has you? Excited, nervous, nostalgic, longing for what use to be? Like a parent who has the best Sunday plans and the children look blankly as if to say, “are you kidding me? This is NOT going to be fun!”, yet at the end of their day together, each child and parent is squealing with delight from the fun had in the day. And so it is with our Father. He is saying, "trust Me, the best is yet to come!"

Dear friends, if you know Him, even as it gets worse for the world, for us, the best is truly yet to come. There is zero need to be timid or fearful, and certainly now is not the time to wax nostalgic.

Squeal with me, sweet ones. Let’s take our favorite essential oils that exude joy, apply them so as to cast of the past and look forward to our future with great anticipation! Relish in the season He has brought us too.

May He richly bless you and keep you today.

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