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Because the Truth Will Set You Free

Whom the Son sets free is free indeed

If you've followed along on this blog you'll remember the encouragement to stop quoting lies. Though perhaps it would have been better stated as "stop believing the lies being wrongly quoted". A much longer blog title to be sure, and yet, this is the basis and reasoning for the whole discussion.

You see flippantly stating something as truth or fact (though there is a marked difference) is not only lying to someone in order to placate them or motivate to do something, it is damaging to their future. The future God Himself has ordained for them.

Overstated? Perhaps, but not likely.

In the case of teaching a man to fish so that he knows how to do it for life, while a lovely sentiment, is dangerously man centered and not God centered. As a reminder this was spoken by a man who neither knew our God nor acknowledged His existence. In other words quoting something that sounds biblical, yet is again, only fluff in life, steers folks away from the God of all and onto a path of self, self doing, self motivated, self self and more self.

"God will not give you any more than you can handle", another dangerous motto in the American culture. Why? Because this lends itself to a very mean and cruel God. So what you're saying in this is that my God gives me what I can handle, so I can handle a kid with cancer, child born with a life threatening birth defect, the death of a baby, and drum roll please, the death of my husband? Oh and now He thinks I can handle finishing the job of raising 3 kids, parenting 2 adults still, running a business, ministry etc?

Either God is utterly naive and blind to humans, or that statement is wrong. The Lord calls people sheep- not a compliment by the way. Sheep are known for their stupidity, for wandering in places they shouldn't, for needing someone to come rescue them and fight off attacks. If God would give us something we could handle it'd be a nice grassy knoll filled with goodies and treats for us to live out our days.

The dangerous part is this- when we begin to walk through the valley of the shadow of death and have been told by well meaning christians that God will only give us what we can handle, we may have the notion to think we are the ones who need to walk ourselves out of the valley of death. We don't look to God. We look to everything else to get us out, make us feel better- something to steel us up another day. Pick yourself up by your boot straps and trudge on...

The truth is God gave us His Son because we couldn't even. We couldn't get ourselves out of the pit, we couldn't save ourselves and get ourselves into His presence. The Word of God says that we hated Him, we were enemies of God, we were helpless. (Romans 5:8)

If we could handle what is being thrown our way, we wouldn't need God- ever. What would be the point of the Lord sending His Son, and then the Holy Spirit? Jesus promised that He would send the Helper after He left. Why would we need a helper if we could handle it?


What's the big deal in saying something that may motivate or offer some encouragement anyway? So glad you asked!

Apart from God you can do no thing. (John 15:5) The One who created you said you cannot do a single thing with Him. Not one good thing. He is our ever present help in times of need, He is our Source, our life. So if we quip something that sounds good, sounds like a biblical concept but is neither, then we are speaking lies. There is no reasonable half truth, little bit of false encouragement. It is a lie. And a lie is separate from God. A lie comes straight up from the pit of hell. A lie causes one to think things that are simply not there. Take the discussion of money, for example. God says He is the one who gives power to get wealth. (Deuteronomy 8:18) Yet in our culture today believe you have to work at making something of yourself. Go to a good school, get a degree so that you can get a good job making good money. Hard work, school, jobs, all of these things are wonderful and necessary. But when we go about them from the stem of me, versus Him, now it's all kinds of backwards and misguided.

We all have a book written about us, from God. He has our whole life planned, beginning to eternity. All we need to do is ask Him, seek Him, be curious about our book and what is written in it, so that we can partner with Him in seeing it come to pass.

Unfortunately believing quippy lies is also emotionally damaging. And, has many times caused men and women to stay in abusive situations, all because someone told them one of these lies. I won't go into that because this is not the time or place. Yet I would be remiss if I did not mention such a thing. Many thousands of children were abused by a community all because there were taught a lie, a half truth.


Now that we have opened the conversation of lies vs truth, I suppose it's fair to ask the question now what? The now what is this- know the Word of God. Know it like you would a spouse, a child, an intimate friend. Because then when a lie is presented you can easily discern the source and speak truth to it. In addition, this will help you in becoming the thermostat for any and every situation you find yourself in. You may just find yourself saying as I do, "what a lovely sentiment. Can you show me in the Word of God where it mentions this?" Question what's being presented. But don't take my word for it- go look in THE Word.

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