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A Call to Pray

Frankly, it is time step up our game.

There are days when the enemy gets blamed for things like traffic and running late. On those days, it's really more we needed to get up on time.

Yet there are those seasons when collectively there is an all out assault on the body of Christ, and that's when we know who to blame.

But it's imperative we take it further than finger pointing. We go to war. The following is for now, and also a reference for whenever you sense a wind of malicious activity around your life.

In this particular month, we have recognized the spiritual challenges around halloween. It doesn't matter what you or I think of this day, the FACTS are, the satanic followers and worshipers see this as a high holy day- holy meaning set apart. There is an untold number of sinister things that occur on this night and leading up to it. I lived one town over from Salem, MA for 3 years, trust me when I say, this month is no joke. Even residents of Salem thought visitors were insane. Thousands flock there every October to see the "witch town" and participate in rituals that are "fun and entertaining".

I watched witchcraft be honored and celebrated by even those who profess Jesus. This year, retailers are seeing halloween sales hit record levels this month. Since the pandemic, witchcraft and occult activity have substantially increased, as we know through websites, podcasts, and book sales. If you've been to Target you've likely seen occult games and chotchkies at the dollar spot.

I share this to give you a crystal clear view that this is no joke, this is no day to be played around with as innocent fun. And, it is a time to recognize some foul play that may be occurring in your own life or in the lives of your loved ones. Pay attention.

But as always, I have excellent news!

October 31st is also a day of spiritual victory for followers of Jesus. It is a powerful day for believers to cancel demonic decrees and celebrate powerful moments in church history.

  • The catalyst for the Great Reformation took place on October 31st, 1517, when Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses on the Door of the Church in Wittenberg, Germany.

  • One of the greatest revivals in history began on October 31st, 1904, when prayer warriors birthed the Great Welsh Prayer Revival through intercession.

  • The 31st is also the Eve of one of the modern Church holidays, "All Saints Day," on November 1st, when believers remember those who, through the ages, pointed to Christ. They celebrate the Great Cloud of Witnesses who are cheering us on.

As the days continue on toward October 31st, there will be an uptick in demonic activity and some of you will feel the spiritual climate and/or emotional climate shift.


  • First of all- Worship God. I've mentioned in here before, but singing praises to our KING, the Righteous and Perfect One, shuts down the demonic.

  • Have scripture playing through your device as you sleep, even on the lowest setting, the darkness hears.

  • Take communion often, well, doing this as a daily practice is powerful. It is a reminder of the covenant of our Jesus, that we are covered and protected by His blood and the Power of Holy Spirit.

  • Put on the whole armor of God, (Ephesians 6). This is not a ritual sort of thing, it is a daily practice to engage in, reminding yourself that you are dressed in HIS armor, and ready to engage anything that comes your way because you have HIS weapons of warfare in hand.

Once you have done that, seek the Lord on how to proceed. I will not tell you how to proceed or even how to engage in a battle such as this without you hearing CLEARLY from the Lord. I'm telling you, this is not something to fly off into decreeing, proclaiming and declaring. This is a, you have heard from our God and He has said, "yes, this is something I want you involved in."

We never need permission to worship, take communion and apply the armor and Blood to our loves and families.

We do however, need it when engaging in warfare with the vile ancient foe.

Collectively, if we are of one mind and heart in worship and praising God in these next several days, then that will do a lot of damage to the enemy's camp. A lot.

When believers are unified, goodness, there is a massive amount of good that can be accomplished.

Step up your worship.

Step up your covering.

Pay attention.

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